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Jan. 3rd, 2024

Over the summer, I was able to resume my long awaited return to statue-making. Initially, I only wanted to make some tweaks on his left arm and shoulder, but as I found my groove, the tweaks kept spreading and soon enough, the whole figure was redone. Below is a preview of the progress. More updates and the finished ooak piece with base will be posted in the Statues Gallery, this month.

The next OOAK statue I'm currently working on is Chong Li. The bulk and density of his musculature is unlike anything I've sculpted before so it's been real challenging yet fun. The King Conan piece had similar challenges, especially in the arms but since his body is mostly dressed in clothing, emphasis on Arnold's superior physical form wasn't a concern. Updates on Chong Li will also be posted soon.

Click & See Tang Lung Progress

Return of Tang Lung Early WIP
 Images created on June 10-14th, 2023

Click & See Chong Li Progress

Chong Li Early WIP
 Image created on Dec. 18th, 2023

Jan. 1st, 2024

Happy New Years, my dragons!
This is going to be a super year for us--Year of the Dragon!
It's been a while since my last update but know I've kept busy growing the lineup of JCVD, Three's Company and superhero characters. If you recognize the badass bike from Akira, yes, I do have on my list to draw many of the characters as well as other classic titles from the 80s & 90s.

JCVD characters 63rd birthday
 Image created on Oct. 18th, 2023
I sent a variation of this illustration to JCVD's friend. JCVD shared it on his FB and gave me a shoutout!

Characters illustrated over the summer 2023
 Image created on Oct. 4th, 2023

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