Sept. 3rd

3 days ago, my IG account 'preserveddragons' was hacked. I have been locked out and with the 2FA Authenticity enabled by the hacker, I can not bypass it nor IG for that matter. So, I've come to accept the loss and walk on. No loss to me because I was extremely lucky to change the password and email attached to the account as I was being hacked.

It appears the hacker logged out after posting a series of Bitcoin mining related posts promoted by me in my stories and then perhaps logged out. There has not been new malicious posts since so I'm guessing they're unable to log back in. Therefore, it is now a museum only available to existing followers. New followers will see it is a private account.
My plans are to copy over some old but gold posts with the help of my son who is a follower of the hacked account.

The new official IG account is mgo.preserveddragons
Please follow me and watch it grow into version 2.0.

Currently designing the Ring of Fire project / product that was mentioned in the below post. I've already spent a good month researching and planning the execution of the first prototype. If all works out, it'll be the blueprint and template for future iterations of said product. All existing character artpieces I've drawn can be used this way too.
Here's a preview of the art so far and don't forget the final product will be 3 dimensional.

Masquerade Ball Preview Art by MGO
Sept. 3, 2022

Jun. 26th
Works in progress for the summer:

WWF Wrestlers line up is 90% complete. Alternate versions of each character is planned such as wearing championship belts, color change, even complete alternate costume and personality. Initially, I was expecting to complete them in spring but delayed it to include said alternate versions. Resuming work end of June.

Yes, Madam characters are 90% complete. Resuming work early July while taking on a special request from a client on two characters from the series, Jericho.

Currently, The Six Million Dollar Man Vs. Bigfoot and The Incredible Hulk & David Banner from the TV series are on the drawing board at 75% complete. Once I have Steve Austin sketched out, I will move back to wrap up the wrestlers.

RoboCop, Over The Top and Take On Me MV characters will be pushed back til later July to commence or after the new product mentioned below is completed.

There's a product I've been wanting to get started on to grow the merch in my shop. I'm itching to reveal it but a little more time and research on how to execute it is still needed. But I'm glad to reveal this product is centered on Don The Dragon Wilson's cult hit, Ring of Fire. Being a fan of both Don and Maria Ford, it features a scene that is unforgettable to me. Keep watching for updates.

Lastly, another special request from a client on two characters from the movie Finch is on the top of my list to check out and then consider. All I know is it's a recent Tom Hanks sci-fi post apocalyptic survival picture. Sounds fun. Always looking to grow the lineup of 2000s era of characters.

Apr. 7th
Many new character artworks coming this spring!

Over The Top - All Arm Wrestlers, Take On Me Music Video Characters, WWF Wrestlers - Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, Ricky Steamboat, Jake Roberts & Andre The Giant.

Cobra Kai Series - Johnny, Daniel, Miguel, Sam, Robby, Kreese, Amanda, Carmen, Tory, Aisha, Hawk, Demetri, Chozen, Terry and Kyler. Karate Kid Part 2 - Sato.
Rowdy Roddy Piper - Wrestlemania 1 (1985), Kyo the Enforcer - The Octagon (1980), Cynthia Rothrock - Yes, Madam (1985), Russell Nash - Highlander (1986), Goose - Top Gun (1986), Scott McCoy - Delta Force (1986), Billy Jack - Billy Jack (1971), Obi-Wan Kenobi & Anakin Skywalker - Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005).
RoboCop (1986) - Mr. Kinney, Johnson, Captain Reed, The Old Man, Tyler & Roosevelt.

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