King Conan

That final shot in Conan the Barbarian of an aged Conan seated on his throne left so much to be desired. What adventures did he seek in the West? Who were his companions? What wars and feuds did he fight? All these missing tales I hope we get to see in the new Conan film, The Legend of Conan with Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising his greatest role. With honor and fear heaped upon his name, he became a king by his own hand. Bow down to King Conan!

Two shots in full body view of miniature statue King Conan seated on mini throne and rug of base
Exhibit I.    King Conan finished with base.
Three images side by side by side in full body shots of the completed miniature statue of King Conan in various angles on base
Exhibit II.   

Don't hesitate to email me at martengo or via if you have any questions regarding my King Conan PD statue.

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