Danny Torrance

There are so many killer moments in Stanley Kubrick's film adaptation of The Shining that will never leave me--I'm talking childhood traumatization here... what Mr. Kubrick masterfully crafted was a perfect marriage of audio and visual that penetrated my mind stabbing each and every sensory receptor into agonizing submission. Of course, he had great source material to draw inspiration from in legendary scribe, Stepen King's seminal novel of the same title.

One scene in particular still haunts me today is little Danny Torrance with his big wheel riding through the hallways of The Overlook Hotel, and then coming to a stop at Room 237. Why? First and foremost, nostagia. I remember being 10 when I first watched The Shining. It was broadcast on TV in 1982 and Danny being relatively the same age as I was, I guess was the reason I watched it. Back then, the steadycam had not been invented yet until this movie came along, so imagine the thrill and utter terror watching Danny pedal about his big wheel in the vast emptiness of the Overlook Hotel along its unique carpet while the camera, low to the ground followed Danny steadyily without any of the jerks, bumps and shakes. It was like being on a rollercoaster; edge of your seat; heart pounding kind of moment. That was the brilliant set up to Danny stopping in front of the dreaded Room 237. What happened after made me turn off the TV and dash up the basement stairs. That is the moment of the scene I wanted to capture. After four months, here it is.

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