Alabama Worley

If you had not fallen in love with Alabama Worley before that savage beating she took in the motel, that gut-wrenching scene will make you a lifelong admirer. She showed all heart, and above all, indomitable fight of a warrior rather than a delicate peach. You can't help but dream of that one true love who would face death to guard and protect you from harm. That's... true romance!

* See how I made Alabama Worley in: The Making of Alabama Worley Statue.

Two close up shots in full body bird's view of miniature statue Alabama Worley
Exhibit I.    Alabama Worley finished without base.

Don't hesitate to email me at martengo or via if you have any questions regarding my Alabama Worley PD statue or work process. Especially if you are following these steps as a guide to making your own statue.

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